Construction Equipment Analytics Software with Real-Time Valuation and GPS Location Tracking

Finally, construction companies have a comprehensive platform solution that’s universal to their entire equipment fleet.

With Terra Trak, you now have the ability to leverage key market segments with robust machine data-driven analytics to enhance ROI.  No other company is providing this level of analytics/provisioning. Prior to the advent of Terra Trak, construction companies were relegated to GPS location and a few other indicators on a limited amount of equipment in their fleet. Not any longer, the creators of Terra Trak with their vast experience rooted in construction fleet management and asset remarketing, a product was created so immediately useful, that users can positively affect their bottom line day one.

  • User-friendly platform
  • Real-time equipment valuation/predictive (RTV)
  • Comprehensive analytics across entire fleet
  • Fuel usage by unit/class/fleet for daily, monthly and YTD reports
  • Live hours reporting
  • Intelligently projected equipment retirement strategies
  • Location GPS for down equipment, virtual yard, job site and security

Construction (Fleet Management)

Terra Trak creators leveraged their vast experience in construction fleet management/asset remarketing and produced a software so powerful, it successfully enables users to boost the bottom line for their companies immediately.

  • Terra Trak can monitor and report on 100% of your equipment
  • Generate ROI calculations based on historical patterns
  • Examine live GPS feeds to determine idle vs. actual production time
  • Assemble a meticulous history (cradle to grave)
  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Determine life expectancy that initiates tactical exit strategy
  • Real-time equipment value (fair market value/wholesale value/predictive value) based metrics collected
  • Service department parts history and warranty tracking (Stage 2)
  • Repetitive use/failure (Stage 2)
  • Wear life/component tracking (Stage 2)
  • Stock/nonstock need (Stage 2)


  • The Terra Trak dashboard provides quick look access to your fleet
  • Gauges provide targeted feedback based on desired parameters set by the user for different equipment categories
  • List of key performance indicators
  • User configured dashboard flexibility. Fuel usage, run vs. idle, real-time value, virtual yard, down units, units in service.
  • Alerts on equipment that stray above or below KPI goals

real-time-valueReal-Time Value (RTV)

  • Real-time wholesale / fair market value
  • Future value modeling
  • Fully adjustable reporting periods
  • Project equipment retirement strategy
  • Allows for personal property tax evaluation
  • Loan portfolio values perfect for finance companies
  • Calculate Accurate Residual Values
  • Adopted by respected lenders currently benefiting from our solutions

fleet-equipmentFleet Equipment

  • Listing of your fleet with the ability to filter in many ways
  • Provides meter readings and real-time FMV against book value
  • Useful tool for finance/accounting department


  • Ability to track real -time location
  • Click any unit to receive full equipment data
  • Geofencing for virtual yards, job site, ready yard, equipment unavailable yard,

utilizationFleet Utilization

  • Track fleet utilization against user set equipment goal hours
    • Goal hours at idle
    • Goal hours at run
    • Goal hours per week
    • Goal hours year to date
  • Revenue utilization by unit (Stage 2 function)
    • Job revenue utilization
    • Daily, weekly, monthly utilization
  • Utilization percentage fields will show red when they climb above or fall below desired KPI’s

fuel-usage-rateFuel Usage Reporting

  • Track real -time fuel usage and waste
  • Adjust fuel pricing
  • Total gallons/cost at idle
  • Total gallons/cost at run
  • Total fuel cost